Guangzhou University Announces 2022 GISU Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship In-School Preliminary Competition Selections
Apr 29, 2022

Guangzhou University announces the selection of the following ten projects to represent our university in this year's 2022 Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition:

- HQ Technology Multi-Functional Modular Robot for Underwater

- Development and Application Polylactic Acid

- Concrete Strengthening Agent for a Sponge City

- Floating Life to Sea – New Model of a Chinese Brand

- Tron – AI + IP Authorized and Accelerated Analog Chip Design

- EEEM for Resistant Thermal Aerogel – Pioneer of the New Age

- Super Dual Actuator of Purification of Waste to Cure Waste

- UAV – Based Rapid Communication Deployment System

- Laboratory Inspection – Escort the Laboratory System

- Science and Education Smart Design Service

This third annual Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is sponsored by the Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities (GISU) and hosted by the University of Padua. This competition is open to more than half a million students representing our 18 member universities in 15 countries.

The theme of this year's competition is “Promoting Sustainable Urban Development with Scientific and Technological Innovation”. This competition includes three stages: In-School Preliminary Competitions, an Online Semi-Final Competition and a Final Competition.

Project teams submit a business plan, video, PPT and project summary with finalists judged by the following criteria: Innovation, Team, Commerciality, Social Benefits and Communication.

Concept teams in the Final Competition are competing for almost 300,000 RMB in awards and start-up teams are competing for almost 70,000 RMB in awards.

Asquared, Yachen Culture, Guangzhou Five or Six Points and Douhuiwanjia from Guangzhou University were among the final winners in 2020. Final winners from Guangzhou University in 2021 included BriGuardian and Chengan Tunnel Research Center - Research and Development of Industrialization of Complete Sets of Equipment for Subway Tunnel Safety Wisdom Perception.

We wish each of these ten teams the greatest of success in this year's competition.

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