Mission & Vision


To enhance mutual understanding between Guangzhou and its friendship cities and encourage friendly inter-city visits which promote educational development and cultural exchanges between institutions of higher education in Guangzhou and those in its sister cities which foster mutual-benefits and promote cooperation and development.


Based upon the principles of equality, mutual benefits, cooperation for win-win outcome, GISU is dedicated to facilitating specific cooperation among its member universities in the following areas.

Research collaboration to establish bilateral or multi-lateral laboratories which serves economic and social development of the country and the region. These joints efforts will also contribute to the well-being of mankind and the local community. Inter-disciplinary research collaboration and cross-border research activities are highly encouraged and must also be in line with GISU member universitiesstrategic plan.

Exchange of visits among faculty and research fellows of, and in between, GISU member universities is subject to the approval of each member university and is dependent upon the actual need of research projects and educational cooperation. To facilitate faculty and staff exchange for the purpose of mutual development among GISU member universities, these visiting faculty and staff are entitled to the same status in the recipient universities as in their host universities.

Exchange of visits among students of, and in between, GISU member universities facilitates cultural exchanges among GISU member university students, explores the possibility of curriculum collaboration, and a mutual recognition of each others credits and diplomas.