The Secretariat Office for the Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister- City Universities is located on the campus of Guangzhou University. Responsibilities of the Secretariat Office include dealing with routine administrative affairs, coordinating internal affairs and public relations, preparing the council meeting, managing finances of GISU, and handling other affairs assigned by the Chair, Executive Chair or the Council.

Secretariat Office:

Phone number: +86-020-39366236

Address: Room 619, West Block Administration Building. No. 230 Wai Huan Xi Road, 510006, 

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou, the P.R. China

Secretariat Office Members:

Vice President Guo Xingpeng, Mr. Steve Farr, Ms. Liang Biru, Dr. Ke Zhicheng, Ms. Zhan Yifei, Dr.Yang Zhe, 

Professor Lucia Regolin, Dr. Stella Huiying Wu , Mr.Cheng Lei, Dr. Ilkka Virtanen, Professor Pauli Kuosimanen

GISU Member Contacts :

LinkÖping University: Dr. Zhe Yang,

University of Padova: Dr. Kim Anne Barchi,

University of Coimbra:Ms.Helena Rodrigues,

                                      Ms.Cris Yin,

Tampere University: Dr.Ilkka Virtanen,

Western Sydney University: Kylie Beerens,

University of Quebec: Lei Cheng,