About GISU

The city of Guangzhou has forged sister-city and friendly-city ties with almost 90 cities throughout the world. Over the years, the higher education sector of the Guangzhou Municipality has drawn tremendous support from these international friendships. These efforts have resulted in numerous exchanges and close cooperation. Guangzhou University, as the flagship university of Guangzhou, is proud to have formed strong partnerships with many of these international sister-city universities.

This international network in December 2018 took a new and exciting step with the formation of the Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities (GISU) which attracts and leverages the academic resources of its members in close coordination for the sustainable development of its cities. In so doing, GISU will fulfill its mission of enhancing mutual understanding between Guangzhou and its friendship cities. GISU will encourage friendly inter-city visits which promote educational development and cultural exchanges between institutions of higher education in Guangzhou and those in its sister cities which foster mutual-benefits and promote cooperation and development. GISU has seven original members which included Guangzhou University, Linkoping University, University of Coimbra, University of Padua, University of Quebec in Montreal, University of Tampere and Western Sydney University.

GISU's current 18 member universities represent 15 countries and a total population of almost 38 million people in the sister cities. With a combined student enrollment of over half a million students and 44,000 faculty and administrative staff, GISU's great diversity of academic programs and research capacity represent the best of the world.