Alliance Issues Joint Declaration During the November 13 Annual Meeting
Nov 17, 2023

The Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities celebrated its five-year anniversary in Sydney, Australia on October 13 as Guangzhou University President and Alliance Chair Professor Wei Minghai andWestern Sydney University Vice Chancellor and President and Alliance Executive Chair Professor Barney Glover, AO, signed the following joint declaration:

Joint Declaration of the Alliance of Guangzhou

International Sister-City Universities

Issued on November 13, 2023 during the Alliance of Guangzhou International

Sister-City Universities annual meeting held in Sydney, Australia incelebration

of the five-year anniversary of the Alliance.

The Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities (GISU) was established in December of 2018 with seven founding members – Western Sydney University, Linkoping University, University of Coimbra, University of Padova, University of Quebec at Montreal, University of Tampere and Guangzhou University. Our Alliance has quickly grown to represent today 20 members, 16 countries, 19 sister-city and friendly cities with a combined population of almost 38 million and over half a million students with 47,000 faculty and staff.

As the Alliance celebrates its five-year anniversary, our accomplishments include a variety of 70 programs which have included 28 joint research and publication projects, four urban innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, 33 Digital and Entrepreneurship Academy programs, three micro-credential programs and two international symposiums.

Looking towards the future with excitement, the Alliance declares the following:

Continuing its Mission

The Alliance will further fulfill its mission of mutual understanding between Guangzhou and its friendship cities promoting educational development and cultural exchanges among institutions which foster mutual benefits and promote cooperation and development.

Strengthening Current Projects

The Alliance will further strengthen its current projects in the fields of joint research and publications, urban innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, Digital and Entrepreneurship Academy offerings, certificate and micro-credential programs, international symposiums and member city spotlight programs.

Expanding Programs and Geographic Reach

The Alliance will expand its programs and new members throughout the world to greater increase collaboration among its members to include more bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Promoting and Serving Our Communities

The Alliance will develop even more and new projects specifically designed to leverage the academic resources of our members on projects encouraging the sustainable development of its cities. This includes closer collaboration with government colleagues to promote business, investment, culture and tourism

in the cities we love to call home.

Strengthening Membership Participation

The Alliance as it continues to grow will strengthen and deepen participation while calling upon each of our members to play a more active role.

Stronger together, our Alliance will continue to strive to become the ideal model of international collaboration among universities serving their communities.

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