Congratulations to our 2023 Alliance Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finalists
Jul 19, 2023

The Alliance congratulates the following 23 Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online Semi-Final Competition winning teams which were selected from our 31 entries:

Concept Teams (12)

1. Chi Solutions from the University of Coimbra

2. Plej from Tampere University

3. NeighborlyKids (Caretakers) from Tampere University

4. WasteX from the University of Padova

5. STUDORMfrom the University of Padova

6. GreenKit from Western Sydney University

7. AHSD bracelet from Western Sydney University

8. A Brick that is Completely Solid Waste and Absorbs Carbon Dioxide from Guangzhou University

9. RailSmoother – The Intelligent Grinding System of High-Speed Rails Welding Lines from Guangzhou University

10. Chip Heat Manager – Multi-Conditions High Limit Composite Liquid Absorbing Wick Micro Heat Pipe for Chip Temperature Control from Guangzhou University

11. The Ferrite Core – Breakthroughs on Min-Zn Ferrites for the Substitution of Alloy on Electric Automobiles from Guangzhou University

12. Tension Intelligent – Photovoltaic Defect Detection Solution Leader from Guangzhou University

Start Up Teams (11)

1. Zah Biofuel from Durban University of Technology

2. ZIME WEZWE CREATIVES from Durban University of Technology

3. Black Composite Brakefrom Durban University of Technology

4. Ewah Cosmeticalsfrom Durban University of Technology

5. UTAMU Foods from Stellenbosch University

6. PUAILAN The Domestic Leading Bio-Based Biodegradable Sugar Fabric from Guangzhou University

7. EXO from the University of Coimbra

8. HUAGUANG – Pioneer of Passive to T Sensing Chips from Guangzhou University

9. BOAN Leading Innovator in New Antimicrobial and Anti-Adhesive Medical Coatings from Guangzhou University

10. Block Oday Security – Leader of Industrial Internet Vulnerability Defense from Guangzhou University

11. TianChenwei – Multi-party Security Situation Awareness System from Guangzhou University

We especially thank the University of Padova for again hosting this year’s competition to especially include Professor Dughiero, Chair, and the organizational committee of Michele Toniato, Kim Ann Barchi and Juna Deng for their tireless efforts assuring the success of this second stage of our competition. This competition would not have been possible without their leadership and hard work. We also wish to thank our 2023 Competition Judging Panel which includes:

· Professor Vivian Tam from Western Sydney University

· Professor Alexandra Aragao from the University of Coimbra

· Professor Fabrizio Dughiero from the University of Padova

· Professor Mansi Wang from Guangzhou University

· Dr. Xiang Gao from Guangzhou Medical University

· Professor Maria Ruokonen from Tampere University

The theme of our fourth annual competition isPromoting Sustainable Urban Development with Scientific and Technological Innovation.These Semi-Final Competition winners will compete in the Final Competition being held November 9, either virtually or in-person, in Padova, Italy. Competition finalists will be judged by the following criteria but not limited to Innovation, Team, Commerciality, Social Benefits and Communication. Concept teams are competing for a total of almost the equivalent of 300,000 RMB in prize award money with start-up teams competing for a total of more than the equivalent of 20,000 EURO in consultancy services.

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