University of Padova Presented Chairman’s Award
Nov 14, 2022

During the Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities annual council meeting on November 11, Guangzhou University President and Alliance Chair Wei Minghai and Western Sydney University President and Executive Chair Barney Glover presented the Chairman’s Award. This Award presented annually recognizes outstanding leadership and contributions to the Alliance. This year, the Alliance was proud to present the Chairman’s Award to the University of Padova in recognition of their outstanding contributions to specifically include hosting this year’s Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition.  


In presenting this award before 18 university members from throughout the world, Professor Fabrizio Dughiero was recognized for chairing this competition. The  organizing committee to include Michele Toniato, Kim Anne Barchi, Juan Deng and Chiara Gobbi as well as the head of the sector and office which organized the event to include Andrea Berti and Ileana Borrelli were also recognized.  




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