Congratulations to Our 2022 Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online Semi-Final Competition Winners
Jul 7, 2022

Please join the Alliance Secretariat Office in congratulating the following twelve Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online Concept Semi-Final Competition team winners and three Start-Up Semi-Final Competition team winners:


• SAFE-Pack (University of Coimbra)

• ReneWaste (University of Coimbra)

• HQ Technology Multi-functional Modular Robot for Underwater Detection (Guangzhou University)

• Concrete Strengthening Agent for a Sponge City (Guangzhou University)

• UAV-Based Rapid Communication Deployment System (Guangzhou University)

• Innovation GeoMaterials – IGM (University of Padova)

• BEEM FirResistant Thermal Aerogel--Pioneer of the New Era of "Carbon Neutral" (Guangzhou University)

• DNA SWITCH Project (University of Padova)

• Integrated User Awareness System for Energy, Water and Waste (Western Sydney University)

• Zhongshuo Design - Leader of Science and Education Smart Space Design Service (Guangzhou University)

• VIRTUALIZON (Western Sydney University)

• Love, Sweet Mom (Guangzhou Medical University)


• Maximiliana (University of Zaragoza)

•STARITRON-AI+IP Authorized Accelerated Analog Chip Design (Guangzhou University)

• FloatingLife to Sea - New Model of Chinese Brand (Guangzhou University)

We wish to especially thank our colleagues at the University of Padova to include Professor Dughiero, Chair, and the organizational committee of Michele Toniato, Kim Ann Barchi and Juna Deng for their tireless efforts in hosting this year’s event and assuring the success of this second stage of our competition. This competition would not have been possible without their leadership and hard work. We also wish to thank our 2022 Competition Judging Panel which includes:

• Professor Vivian Tam from Western Sydney University

• Professor Alexandra Aragao from the University of Coimbra

• Professor Fabrizio Dughiero from the University of Padova

• Professor Mansi Wang from Guangzhou University

• Professor Liang Jiami from Guangzhou Medical University

• Professor Carlos López-Escolano from University of Zaragoza

The theme of our third annual competition this year isPromoting Sustainable Urban Development with Scientific and Technological Innovationand these 15 Semi-Final Competition winners will compete in the Final Competition being held on November 15, either virtually or in-person, in Padova, Italy. Competition finalists will be judged by the following criteria but not limited to Innovation, Team, Commerciality, Social Benefits and Communication. Concept teams are competing for a total of almost the equivalent of 300,000 RMB in prize award money with start-up teams competing for a total of the equivalent of 10,000 Euros in prize award money.

In addition, unless the team notifies the organization committee otherwise, these Semi-Final Competition winners will automatically be entered into the China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition which is the world’s largest innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students.

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