Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Online Semi-Final Competition Winners
author: Sep 3, 2020

The Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities is excited to announce the following ten online semi-finalist winners of its first member-wide Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition:

             ESC (Tampere University)

INOBUS (Incheon National University)

 Atrial Fibrillation (Guangzhou Medical University)

Yachen Culture (Guangzhou University)

Guangzhou Five or Six Points (Guangzhou University)

Jingcui Education (Guangzhou University)

 Asquared (Guangzhou University)

Douhuiwanjia (Guangzhou University)

As One (Tampere University)

Medified (Tampere University)


The theme of this year’s competition was Promoting Sustainable Urban Development with Scientific and Technological Innovation and projects were scored in the areas of innovation, team, commerciality and social benefits.


The Semi-Final Competition Judging Panel included Professor Gio Fornell from Linkoping University, Professor Alexandra Aragao from the University of Coimbra, Professor Choi Juneyoung from Incheon National University, Professor Fabrizio Dughiero from the University of Padova, Professor Taru Pilvi from Tampere University, Professor Lei Zhao from Guangzhou Medical University and Professor Wang Mansi from Guangzhou University.


These ten semi-finalist winners will compete for gold, silver, bronze and outstanding mentor awards in the final competition to be held online December 2, 2020. 


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